Overview Of The Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes

No one can deny the fact that physical activity is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Most people know it, yet they agree that they cannot find the time to engage into such activities. Even if they do have some free time on their hands, they claim that they can always find better things to do instead.

However, physical activity is not really an option, but mandatory. There is a reason wherefore so many people struggle with obesity these days – the lack of exercise. More and more people are trying to lose weight, yet they mostly focus on all kinds of miraculous diets, wonder pills or products that only waste their time and money.

Best Recumbent Exercise MachinesLosing weight with a recumbent exercise machine has never been easier. Most specialists recommend these units. At the same time, they make some excellent alternatives to outdoor bikes. Not everyone is experienced enough to dive in the local traffic, pay attention to cars or face a rainy day on the bike.

Furthermore, exercise bikes are quite diversified. Therefore, you can get one even if you do not necessarily want to lose excessive pounds, but just stay fit and keep your silhouette in a good shape over a long period of time. Bikes are amazing for general fitness.

Plus, they come in handy when trying to recover after an injury too. It is no surprise why so many rehab facilities have recumbent exercise bikes for their clients.

With such considerations in mind, the necessity of such a unit is obvious. Take your time before making a decision and avoid buying the first thing popping into your eyes. Chances are you will find better models if you search some more.

Besides, become familiar with the most common categories, as well as the right features to pay attention to, pros and cons. This is what we are here for.

Exploring the different types of recumbent exercise machines and their advantages

Recumbent stationary bikes can be classified by more criteria. Just think about all the features they come with and you got quite a lot of criteria to overwhelm you.

However, before going into deep details, it might be a good idea to just consider your goals first, then pay attention to small considerations. From this point of view, you got more categories to choose from:

Each of these categories can ensure a pretty good physical condition, as well as a muscular body, lean body mass and a solid health. But then, choosing the right model with your needs in mind will take you to your goals a lot faster.

General fitness stationary bikes are self explanatory. They are general. They will not work in one direction or another. Instead, they will work on your feet, upper part of the body, body mass, heart rate and overall health. They are indicated to families, so everyone can get something useful from these workouts.

At the same time, they are very useful to people who are just trying to stay fit. In other words, they want to lose weight, build muscles and maintain their hearts in a good shape. This is when general stationary bikes make the difference.

On the other hand, heart rate monitoring recumbent bikes are more appropriate to people with specific heart problems, as well as people with heart diseases in their family histories. Furthermore, a heart rate monitor is just as handy if you plan to evolve with your workouts and keep pushing your limits.

You do not want to overwhelm your heart, so a heart rate monitor is crucial. Instead of buying these things separately, just opt for a recumbent exercise machine that is fully featured.

Low impact recumbent exercise machines are directed to more categories of people. First of all, they work great for elders. They might try to keep themselves in a good shape, but maybe they try to overcome arthritis too. Obviously, they do not have to push too hard while training, hence the necessity of a low impact unit.

The same model is great for people who need to recover after an injury, whether they fell on the stairs or they got involved in a car accident. Most rehab facilities have recumbent stationary bikes, so get one for yourself as well. With time, you can adjust the level of resistance too.

Finally, weight loss stationary bikes are probably the most popular units around. In fact, this is the primary reason wherefore a lot of people rely on recumbent exercise machines. Losing weight is not going to happen with wonder pills and supplements, but with a healthy diet and regular physical activity.

Doing it naturally will provide exquisite results in no time, without starving yourself or endangering your health.

Understanding the benefits and best selling general fitness recumbent exercise machines

General fitness recumbent machines represent a solid workout solution for families, people who are looking forward to stay fit or those who are not experienced enough to ride outdoors.

There are more things to look for in such a model, so try to identify your goals and most important expectations. From that point on, making a good choice is a matter of time only.

  • Nustep TRS 4000 Recumbent Cross Trainer is a compact and sturdy built stationary bike. It is highly customizable, so you can adjust it to your size and necessities. While it is quite heavy, it is easy to move around due to the portable wheels. It comes with a very detailed display that provides information on your time, distance, steps, calories or heart. At the same time, it has not less than 10 different workload settings.
  • HCI Fitness PhysioStep RXT-1000 Recumbent Elliptical Trainer is one of the most innovative solutions on the market and can be taken for a 2-in-1 machine, since it also works as an elliptical trainer. You can work on your entire body, including the top part. The seat is comfortable and adjustable, while the wireless heart rate monitoring sensor is compatible to Polar devices. The seat back is contoured according to the human body.
  • Marcy Recumbent Mag Cycle has 8 different levels of resistance, so it can match everyone’s needs. The console is large and very user friendly. The unit is very compact and lightweight, while transporting it around is piece of cake. The tension is not hard to adjust either, since you have a small knob responsible for it. It does not have any fancy features, but just the basic ones for traditional workouts.

Becoming familiar with heart rate monitoring recumbent bikes and their front runners

You do not necessarily need to suffer from a cardiovascular disease in order to get a heart monitoring recumbent exercise machine. You do not need an ill mother or a sick grandfather in order to worry about yourself.

Instead, these models are just as handy when you truly monitor your workouts in order to track your evolution. You want your heart to be safe, so a heart rate monitor is handy in any kind of workout.

  • ProForm Hybrid Trainer is among the most cost efficient recumbent exercise machines out there. It is also quite diversified, since it brings in 14 different resistance levels, not to mention about the 14 workout programs. The heart rate monitor is known for being very accurate. It is a dual grip EKG monitor. Other than that, the unit comes with transport wheels, a bottle holder and a target pacer.
  • Body Rider Body Rider 3-in-1 Trio Trainer is self explanatory. The design is patented and very compact. You can use this model in three different ways – recumbent bike, elliptical trainer and upright bike. You have access to 17 training programs. The heart rate monitor is integrated and comes with pulse grips. There is just no better piece of equipment to add some diversity to your workouts.
  • Weslo Pursuit CT 2.0 R Exercise Bike has an easy pulse heart rate monitor, a target pacer and a very user friendly design. It is highly adjustable, depending on your necessity. You only have 4 workout applications, but they are excellent for newbies. Unless you have a particular program in mind, just rely on one of those implemented solutions. The resistance is easy to customize as well, so you can always advance. 

Experiencing low impact recumbent stationary bikes and their best rated representatives

Low impact recumbent machines represent a very good solution for those who do not really have the physical power and fitness level to push too hard. Elders represent the ideal target for this category of stationary bikes.

Kids or people recovering after injuries or accidents are not to be ignored either. So what are the first models you should pay attention to?

  • Diamondback 910SR Fitness Recumbent Bike is more than just a low impact stationary bike. It takes you from the bottom and puts you on top. It has 32 resistance levels, 35 workout applications, MP3 connectivity, cooling fans and a magazine rack. The heart rate is monitored in real time as well, not to mention about the advanced LCD display. All these amazing features turn this model into a front runner.
  • ProForm Hybrid Rower / Recumbent Bike has two different uses – recumbent bike and rowing machine. It has 20 levels of resistance and 24 workout programs. The seat is adjustable on a seat rail. It is easy to transport, but also space efficient and lightweight. Footrests, a padded seat and lumbar support are just some of its main features. Furthermore, it can accommodate people weighing up to 350 pounds.
  • Stamina 15-9003 Deluxe Conversion II Recumbent / Rower has been designed to supply access to two different machines in one – a bike and a rower. You can work on your entire body. The machine is not the most diversified one in the world, but it has all the required features for a successful final result – hand pulse sensors, magnetic resistance, quiet operation, 8 levels of resistance, detailed monitor and so on. It supports people weighing 250 pounds or less. The seat lumbar support adds to your comfort too. 

Considering weight loss recumbent bikes and their top products

Weight loss recumbent bicycles are extremely popular. Nine out of ten people start exercising in order to shed excessive fat. From this point of view, you need a unit that is specifically developed to help you in this venture.

It should accommodate heavy individuals, but it should also provide workout programs and specific features.

  • Horizon Fitness RC-30 Recumbent Exercise Bike has 8 different workout programs, so it is more than just a weight loss unit. However, the weight loss program is extremely detailed. Not less than 8 levels of resistance come in to provide a deep customization. It takes people weighing 275 pounds or less, so it is great for both men and women.
  • AFG 4.0 AR Recumbent Exercise Bike brings in the FreeSPIN technology and accommodates people weighing up to 325 pounds. It can take people of all sizes and shapes without too much effort due to the step-through construction. It has an innovative arm with a console on one side, but it also brings in 10 different programs. One of them is specifically developed for weight loss. Since it is so diversified, it is also handy for your entire family, as well as other personal fitness goals.
  • Precor RBK 615 Commercial Series Recumbent Exercise Cycle has a simplistic design that allows everyone to use it. The seat back ensures a perfect ventilation, while the preset workouts include a weight loss program too. The heart rate is also monitored for a healthy workout. Other than that, this is one of the few recumbent bikes in commerce that can accommodate other types of pedals, depending on your preferences. The seat is padded and highly adjustable. It can be taken closer or further to the pedals. 

The most important things to look for in a recumbent exercise machine

There are a few different things to pay attention to when about to invest in a recumbent exercise machine. Just like for any other thing you buy, the attention to small details is essential.

  • Customization is often the key. A lot of newbies fail to pay attention to this factor. They realize that people are different only when they start experiencing problems. What works for some people is less likely to work for everyone else, hence the necessity of customizable elements. Most commonly, manufacturers implement customizable seats. They are adjusted according to the distance to the pedals. The height is not so relevant in recumbent bikes. While it does matter if you buy an upright model, it does not play a very important role in recumbent designs.
  • Seats are among the elements that can influence both your comfort and efficiency. The seat is supposed to fit you accordingly. This is also the reason wherefore you might find oversized seats in recumbent bikes. Practically, they are designed to accommodate people of all possible sizes. Another good news is that seats can be purchased separately overtime, in case they wear out. Most recumbent bikes come with padded or cushioned seats. They also provide lumbar support due to the riding position.
  • Adjustable intensity represents yet another major consideration in recumbent exercise bikes. You want your workout to be individualized or you will not benefit from it. If it is too mild, you will only waste time and make a lot of effort. If it is too harsh, you will not be able to actually workout. Fortunately, the magnetic resistance is usually adjustable and comes in more levels – usually between 8 and 25 levels. 

Discovering the main reasons wherefore you should get a recumbent exercise machine

The benefits associated with a recumbent exercise machine are quite diversified. People benefit from these machines in a unique manner, yet some of their pluses tend to apply to everyone.

  • Bad weather is one of the main reasons wherefore recumbent exercise machines make great alternatives to outdoor bikes. They give you the possibility to workout throughout the whole year. Otherwise, you might be limited to around 6 months of riding only. Besides, unexpected rains, storms or excessively high temperatures can hit out of nowhere, so you better protect yourself. Fortunately, if you have a recumbent bike, you can do it inside your home while watching the snow falling.
  • Risks represent yet another impressive reason to get a recumbent bike. There are a lot of risks associated with outdoor bikes. Unless you workout in a park or a particular environment, chances are you will end up in traffic too. You will get stuck in traffic, exposed to a lot of dangers, pollution and annoyance. You will also become annoying for drivers around you. Besides, it was proven that a driver’s eyes are more likely to spot a car and overlook a bicycle. The eye is used to see and react to a large object, so small ones are often ignored.
  • Efficiency is not to be ignored either. Just imagine yourself riding outdoors. You do not pedal continuously. You do it for a few seconds, then take a few seconds of break while the bicycle moves on. When doing it indoors, you cannot expect the bicycle to ride by itself. You need to do it continuously. Your workout will be about two times more efficient. You bicycle less, but you gain more, regardless of your personal goals. 

What we are here to help you with

We know that a recumbent exercise machine can make your life better. But we also know that the market got extremely diversified since these machines started gaining popularity in the ’90s.

Over the past few decades, plenty of brands hit the market, not to mention about the fact that each of them has more models. They come with all kinds of features and specifications. So how do you make the wisest decision then? This is when we step in.

Our primary goal is to help you identify your necessities, then figure out which product is more helpful in the attempt to overcome your objectives. We introduce you to the most common categories of products out there, but also to their front runners. We basically do your homework for you.

Once you know what you truly expect from a recumbent exercise machine, we present the front running products. We have picked the best sellers in each category, as well as the best rated products. Furthermore, our experts have reviewed those products in very small details.

All of their features are explained, so you can determine whether or not they will match your expectations. Besides, we have also identified the positive and negative parts coming with each product. Knowing what you want can help you decide about the right factors to pay attention to.

Remember that what works for some people will not really work for you too, so educate yourself accordingly. We also maintain an informative section on our website. We provide detailed information, general rules, tips, tricks, guides and DIY solutions for people in need of a recumbent exercise machine.

Education is the mother of making good and informed decisions, so it is in your interest to find out as many specific details as possible before spending your money.


As a short final conclusion, we have tried our best to support you in this venture. While finding a recumbent exercise machine can be very intriguing, our research, detailed reviews and informative guides can offer all the details in the world. Make sure that you do identify your goals though.

If you do not have any major objectives, just stick to a general fitness bike. Otherwise, opt for a more individualized type. Begin your venture by reading our guides and articles, since education is extremely important in the process. From that point one, you are free to move on to our categories and unbiased reviews.